Rotating water deflector applicable, with proper adaptors, to the outlet of any pump or filter. Moves the aquarium water increasing oxygenation and surface gas exchange preventing the formation of the “white line” effects.

Seltz L

All purpose high performance pump for fresh water and marine aquariums. Flow control system, one-piece rotor assembly, filter sponge. Suitable for biological, wet-and-dry filters and for water circulation.

Seltz D DC

Seltz D DC is a multipurpose electronic universal pump, designed for energy savings. Water flow is adjusted by on the included electronic controller. The Hydor Seltz D DC pumps are ideal for sumps, refugiums, biological filters and in general circulation of freshwater or saltwater aquariums to benefit the ecosystem health. Seltz D DC are equipped with pre-filter and barbed pipe fitting for various sized hoses. The Seltz D DC is perfectly suited for all applications that require submerged or in-line installation of the pump.

Pico EvoMag

Sphere joint for adjustable flow direction and flow control. Suitable for use with Rotating Water Deflector. Magnet-Suction cup support included for free positioning.

Seltz D

The Seltz D are AC controllable universal pumps, with innovative 6 pole electronic motor for energy savings. The pumps are controllable through the enclosed electronic controller to increase or decrease the flow at 6 preset points. The controller has a maintenance mode to pause the flow of the pump for feeding or maintenance inside the aquarium. Seltz D pumps are suitable for saltwater and fresh water use. The pumps can be used in-line or submerged, they are equipped with sensors that detect the presence of water moving through the pump so it will shut off to prevent damage. Extremely quiet operation and wear-resistent ceramic shaft. For use as return pumps, circulation pumps, fountain and pond applications.