What precautions do I need to take?

Before installation or maintenance, or before putting your hands into the aquarium, remove the power supply from all the electrical devices under water. Read the instructions.

Before installation

Check that all the components of the product are undamaged, disconnect all the electrical devices and make sure the voltage of the product corresponds to the mains voltage.

Where can I position my WAVEMAKER 4?

Place the KORALIA WAVEMAKER 4 in a safe, dry place where it is protected from splashing, vapour and humidity, as well as from limescale/salt deposits that might cause it to malfunction. Make sure the cooling fan does not get blocked or obstructed in any way.

What maintenance does the WAVEMAKER 4 require?

The KORALIA WAVEMAKER does not require any particular maintenance, but it is advisable to regularly remove dust and any dirt that may have settled on the product.

What functions does the WAVEMAKER 4 have?

The system manages 4 pre-set programs (synchronised, sequential, alternate and additive), which can be fully customised to meet the needs of the SPS/LPS corals and depending on the minimum and maximum power levels set for each pumps. Thanks to the 2.5" LCD screen and the keypad, the aquarium enthusiast is able to keep constant control of the program selected and the functioning and speed of the pumps.  In addition to the four pre-set programs, the WAVEMAKER 4 is equipped with two extra functions: the Fish Food Function and the Night Function.

What pre-set programs does the KORALIA WAVEMAKER 4 come with and how do they work?

There are five pre-set programs: SEQUENTIAL: one after the other, the pumps increase and decrease their rotation speed from minimum to maximum; SYNCHRONISED: the pumps increase and decrease in power at the same time: ALTERNATE: the pumps work in pairs; ADDITIVE: the pumps increase in power one after the other until they all reach the maximum level, then go back down, in the same way, to the minimum level; STEADY: the pumps always operate at the rotation speed set. It is also possible to select new, customised programs and save them in the system.

How many and which kind of pumps can I connect to a second-generation WAVEMAKER 2?

KORALIA WAVEMAKER 4 is compatible with all the first and second-generation KORALIA 12V pump models on the market. Koralia pumps with different power can be used. 

What is the purpose of the ring magnets to be mounted on the cables?

To eliminate radio disturbance.

Can I set a security password to prevent the pumps from being switched off or the programs being changed unintentionally?

Yes, this is contemplated by the WAVEMAKER 4 system. A password is useful for enabling the key block mode. To set a password, go to the SETTINGS menu and choose your password by typing in a combination of characters. The AUTOMATIC BLOCK function can also be used.

How can I put my WAVEMAKER 4 back to the factory settings?

With the WAVEMAKER 4 in the ON position, enter the MAIN MENU, INFORMATION, press ENTER on the product name screen, press the 4 arrows in a clockwise direction, starting from the LEFT ARROW key above the ESC key (LEFT- TOP-RIGHT -BOTTOM) and press CONFIRM on the next screen. NB: ALL THE DATA SAVED WILL BE CANCELLED!