What precautions do I need to take?

Before installation or maintenance, or before putting your hands into the aquarium, remove the power supply from all the electrical devices under water. Read the instructions.

Before installation

Check that all the components of the product are undamaged, disconnect all the electrical devices and make sure the voltage of the product corresponds to the mains voltage.

Where can I position my WAVEMAKER 2?

Place the KORALIA WAVEMAKER 2 in a safe, dry place where it is protected from splashing, vapour and humidity, as well as from limescale/salt deposits that might cause it to malfunction. Make sure the cooling fan does not get blocked or obstructed in any way.

What maintenance does the WAVEMAKER 2 require?

The KORALIA WAVEMAKER does not require any particular maintenance, but it is advisable to regularly remove dust and any dirt that may have settled on the product.

What functions does the WAVEMAKER 2 have?

Minimum and maximum pump speed, 2 sec. - 6 hour timer, set key for managing the alternate or additive flow of the pumps, food function and night mode. 

What is the purpose of the ring magnets to be mounted on the cables?

To eliminate radio disturbance.

What is meant by "night mode"?

The possibility to connect the WAVEMAKER 2 to a dedicated light sensor. The sensor detects when the aquarium lights go off, and sends a signal to the WAVEMAKER 2. The WAVEMAKER 2 reacts by regulating the pumps to the minimum so as to create a suitably calm environment in the aquarium. When the lamps above the aquarium come back on, the pumps will return to the standard program.

How many pumps can I mount on the WAVEMAKER 2?

Up to two Koralia pumps, with the same or different power.

Is it true that there are first and second-generation versions of WAVEMAKER 2?

Yes. They differ in terms of the firmware, and the end user cannot perform the upgrade.

How many and which kind of pumps can I connect to a first-generation WAVEMAKER 2?

The first-generation WAVEMAKER 2 are compatible only with the KORALIA 12V pumps, NANO 1, 2, 3 and 4 models, and the new models 3300/900 - 6000/1550. 

How many and which kind of pumps can I connect to a second-generation WAVEMAKER 2?

All old or new-generation Koralia 12V pumps.

How can I tell the difference between a first and second-generation WAVEMAKER 2?

By the yellow strip on the package, indicating the use of the new firmware.

My WAVEMAKER 2 does not start immediately

This is normal. For 15 seconds after it has been switched on, the system carries out a series of system checks to verify the start-up status of the various components. During this time, the various LED lights will come on, and the pumps will be activated individually. 

How does the FOOD mode work?

To make sure the fish and invertebrates in the aquarium are fed properly, the FOOD program takes the pumps to minimum speed for 5 minutes. In order to activate this mode, just press the SET key. The two LED lights will indicate that the pumps are functioning at minimum level, blinking quickly twice at regular intervals to indicate the FOOD mode is being activated.

How should I interpret the signals given by the various LED lights?

There are three LED lights on the KORALIA WAVEMAKER 2: a) RED LED: when on, it indicates night mode; when off, day mode; b) BLUE LED (P1 - P2): the intensity of the light indicates the current power of the respective pumps. In addition, the LED  lights warn the user of a number of particular situations: 1) FOOD FUNCTION: both the blue LED lights at the minimum level, flashing twice at regular intervals; 2) ERROR (minimum power higher than maximum power): blue LED lights flashing alternately; 3) WARNING (a serious product anomaly detected by KORALIA WAVEMAKER 2): all the LED lights (2 blue and 1 red) flashing.