What is the photo sensor?

The PHOTO SENSOR is an accessory designed to automatically turn the pumps connected to the WAVEMAKER 2 and 4 down to the minimum level during the night. The electronic PHOTO SENSOR is able to detect the intensity of the sources of light, ensuring the KORALIA WAVEMAKER goes into Night mode. The PHOTO SENSOR should be placed on the edge of the tanks (in open tanks), or near the lamps (in closed tanks).

Does the PHOTO SENSOR come with the Wavemaker?

No, the PHOTO SENSOR is an optional accessory that can be purchased separately from the Wavemaker and the Koralia 12V pumps.

Why is the PHOTO SENSOR useful?

The PHOTO SENSOR is necessary for the automatic activation of the Night mode of the Wavemaker 2 and 4. Using the Wavemaker, it is possible to program the automatic activation and deactivation times for the Night mode, setting the PHOTO SENSOR as you prefer.

Do I have to calibrate the PHOTO SENSOR, or is it already calibrated?

The PHOTO SENSOR comes already calibrated, but in particular light conditions. To calibrate it to the actual light conditions it is to be used in, follow the instructions provided.

If I do not have a PHOTO SENSOR, how can I set the Night mode?

If you do not have a PHOTO SENSOR, you can set the Night mode manually, by pressing the SET key of the WAVEMAKER 2 module for about three seconds. To deactivate the mode, just lightly press the same key. If you have a WAVEMAKER 4 without a photo sensor, it is possible to set a special program with the pumps at the minimum level for a period of time decided on by the user.