What precautions do I need to take?

Before installation or maintenance, or before putting your hands into the aquarium, remove the power supply from all the electrical devices under water. Read the instructions.

Before installation

Check that all the components of the product are undamaged, disconnect all the electrical devices and make sure the voltage of the product corresponds to the mains voltage.

What type of pump can I use?

For the SMART LEVEL Control, all types of pumps can be used, up to a maximum power of 50W. Choose a pump with a flow and head suitable for the type of use. Note that it is best to use a pump that tops off slowly within 10 minutes (maximum topping-off time).

The system does not top off

1. Check the power supply of the Smart Level Control;
2. Check that the top-off tank is not empty;
3. Check that the top-off pump is connected to the outlet of the Smart Level Control;
4. Check that the top-off tube is positioned as shown in the figures.


The Smart Level Control is in alarm mode

If the sensor is installed correctly:
- the top-off time is not within the interval specified; the water reaches the ALARM level, or does not reach the MAX level within the set time;
- check that the top-off time lies within the interval specified in the installation chapter. 


What is the product used for?

Smart Level is designed for use in aquariums, for topping off the aquarium or sump where a tolerance of 8-12 mm is necessary.

Can I use a dosing pump for topping off?

Certainly. However, remember that if the dosing pump does not top off to the required level within 10 minutes, the Smart Level system will go into alarm mode, meaning that the top-off attempt has failed (the alarm indicates, for example, that the top-off water has run out...).

I've read that the tolerance between the minimum and maximum levels is 8-12 mm. How can I guarantee the minimum result (8 mm)?

The SMART LEVEL sensor is subject to a sort of inertia, necessary in order for the instrument to read the long evaporation times. This means that the SMART LEVEL sensor works better when it has plenty of time. Laboratory tests have indicated that SMART LEVEL works most effectively when the top-off pump intervention lasts approx. 2.5-3 minutes. To obtain this result, the pump must be split by intervening on a valve.