What precautions do I need to take?

Before installation or maintenance, or before putting your hands into the aquarium, remove the power supply from all the electrical devices under water. Read the instructions.

Before installation

Check that all the components of the product are undamaged, disconnect all the electrical devices and make sure the voltage of the product corresponds to the mains voltage.

What is the purpose of the product?

This is an aquarium pump for internal use only, with water of a temperature of up to 35°C (95°F).

Do I have to be careful with the ultra-powerful rare-earth magnets?

Absolutely. In addition to the risk of catching your fingers because of the high level of magnetic pull between the two parts of the support, these parts may attract blades, sharp objects or other magnets, causing accidental injury. Magnets can also cause permanent damage to electronic equipment (e.g. LCD screens) and other objects sensitive to magnetic fields, such as heart pacemakers, credit cards and keys. Always keep a distance of at least 30 cm (12 inches), and always keep out of the reach of children. 

I can't deal with the foam… there's too much of it!

Check the level of water present in the column, and if necessary, raise the beaker by sliding the black gasket towards the bottom. Check the flow of air and reduce it if necessary.

There isn't enough foam

There are a number of possible reasons. Check that: a) the level of the beaker is not too high, adjusting it if necessary by sliding it downwards; b) the flow of air is not too low, adjusting it if necessary; c) the air tube is not squashed or clogged with salt, following the maintenance instructions if necessary. d) the pump is working correctly, following the maintenance instructions if necessary. e) Do not use a skimmer that is too large for your tank or for the biological load present in it.

The skimmer has been running for 2 days and it is not producing any foam

It can take a few days for the skimmer to become fully operative. Foaming is normally activated automatically once a film of bacteria forms on the walls of the acrylic material. 

I have too many bubbles in my aquarium

This can happen especially when the skimmer is installed for the first time. The bubbles will disappear once the system has stabilised; this may take up to 7/10 days.

The skimmer has stopped foaming all of a sudden

If the pump is working properly and the bubbles are coming up the column, it is necessary to clean the beaker. When it is very dirty, the sludge can inhibit foaming.

There is no suction from the front grid of my Slim Skim…

The internal skimmer in the SLIM series automatically sucks in the water through two grids, one at the front and one underneath, on the base of the skimmer. To improve the suction power of the surface grid, raise the skimmer to the bottom of the front grid (with the grid as far out of the water as possible).