Where should I position Mixo or Ekomixo?

The feeder should be positioned under the lid of the aquarium, near an opening big enough for the food to drop straight into the water. If Mixo/Ekomixo is placed in the feeder compartment inside the aquarium lid, it is advisable to use an aerator connected as provided for, in order to avoid the food getting damp and clumping.

When I change the batteries, do I have to reset the timer?

Yes, when the batteries are removed or replaced, the timer must be reset. A week before the batteries run out, the three lights will flash at the same time.

Can I feed my fish by hand with the Mixo/Ekomixo feeder?

The "manual" function can always be activated on the Mixo feeder: just press the FISH button. The "manual" function is not available on the Ekomixo.

How does the Mixo/Ekomixo feeder work?

Both feeders run on 2 1.5 (AA) batteries, which can last about 2 years.

Why is my Mixo/Ekomixo feeder not delivering the food?

If the food in the tank has not run out, check that: a) the flakes or pellets used are suitable for the feeder, b) the food has not been pressed in the container, c) that the feeder has not been placed over a column of bubbles, d) the feeder is in a well ventilated area not subject to vapour or condensation, e) the container is properly hooked to the body of the feeder.

The container of my feeder won't come away from the holder: what can I do?

To remove the tank from the holder, by turning it anti-clockwise and pulling outwards.

What maintenance do I need to carry out on my Mixo/Ekomixo feeder?

No particular care is required. However, you should regularly clean the container and the food distribution area to avoid the formation of mould, which could attack the food in the tank.

What type of food can be used in the Mixo/Ekomixo?

All types of dry food present on the market (flakes, pellets, granules and freeze-dried food provided it is crumbled up) can be used in the Mixo/Ekomixo.

How long does a Mixo/Ekomixo food container refill last?

The container holds about 100 ml of food. The duration depends on the number of fish to be fed, the type of food used and the number of daily feeding sessions set.

How many times a day should my fish be fed?

2 or 3 times a day; it should take the fish 2-3 minutes to finish the food (test the amount on a sheet of paper).

What differences are there between the Mixo and Ekomixo feeders?

In mechanical terms, none. The difference is that the Ekomixo uses electronics with simplified programming, while the Mixo has a digital display. In the Mixo, the clock can be used to set feeding times. In the Ekomixo, the single button is used to select 1, 2 or 3 feeding sessions at pre-set times (see the instructions sheet that can be downloaded from www.hydor.com.