Where should I install my ETH HEATER?

The ETH heater must be installed outside the aquarium. It can easily be installed on the delivery tube of the external filter, by cutting the tube and linking the two parts to the connectors of the heater.

How should I install my ETH HEATER?

Once you have identified the correct place for the ETH heater, make sure it is positioned as upright as possible, never horizontally, and make sure that the arrow on the body of the heater is pointing in the same direction as the flow of water into the tube of the filter on which the heater is placed.
Re-activate the recirculation of the aquarium by connecting the new heating system to the mains.
Set the desired temperature for the aquarium by turning the regulator knob.

What precautions do I need to take?

Before carrying out any maintenance on the aquarium, disconnect the power supply from all the electrical devices under water.
Check that the various components are not damaged in any way.
Check that the voltage indicated on the label of the device corresponds to the mains voltage.
If the ETH is to be applied to an external filter already working, before cutting the delivery tube, make sure you have closed all the valves and removed any water in them.
NEVER submerge the ETH heater in water.
To clean the heater, use warm water only. Solvents or detergents of any kind must not be used.

What kind of maintenance does my ETH heater require?

The ETH does not require any particular maintenance operations. However, regular cleaning of the inside of the heating tube will prevents the formation of limescale and algae, thus guaranteeing optimal heat exchange during the heating stage.

How should I clean the inside of my ETH heater?

Carefully empty any water from the tube the ETH is connected to before removing it. Clean the inside using a pipe cleaner or a soft brush; if there is visible limescale crusting the tube, dissolve it using vinegar. Rinse with water.

If the water is still much colder than the desired temperature after the heater has been installed for 24 hours or more, what can I do?

Check that you have set the temperature correctly;
Check that the device is plugged in and check that there is voltage;
Check that the flow of water is in line with the direction of the arrow on the body of the ETH heater;
Check that the difference between the temperature set and the  temperature of the room the aquarium is located in is within the limits indicated in the table in the instructions;
Check that the capacity of the tank is within the limits indicated on the label on the heater;
Check that there is water passing through the ETH heater;
Check that there is good water recirculation, that there is no crusting and dirt inside the heater, and that no foreign bodies have got into it. If this is the case, pull out the plug and remove the crusting with a narrow brush.