What precautions do I need to take?

Before installation or maintenance, or before putting your hands into the aquarium, remove the power supply from all the electrical devices under water. Read the instructions.

Before installation

Check that all the components of the product are undamaged, disconnect all the electrical devices and make sure the voltage of the product corresponds to the mains voltage.

How should I install my Crystal filter?

Assemble the filter as shown in the instructions that are provided with the product or can be downloaded from www.hydor.com. Placed the filter in one of the free corners of the aquarium, preferably at the back.

What maintenance operations should be carried out to keep the CRYSTAL FILTER in perfect working order?

Clean the filtering cartridge. Replace or wash the filtering materials at least once a month, clean the impeller and impeller holder and clean the rubber silencer placed under the upper lid of the pump.

My Venturi water oxygenation system is no longer producing air. What can I do?

Clean the silencer and make sure the air suction valve has not dropped beneath the surface of the water.

Can the flow of water be adjusted?

The flow of the water can be adjusted using the flow regulator on the pump. To increase the flow of water, push the flow regulator upwards. To decrease the flow of water, push it downwards.

Is it possible to regulate the quantity of air mixed with water?

To regulate the quantity of air mixed with water , turn the air valve on the upper lid of the body of the pump. 

What materials can I use in my Crystal filter?

The inside container of the Crystal filters can be filled with carbon, zeolite or other biological filter support materials such as cylinders to guarantee extra filtering capacity.