Before installation

Check that all the components of the product are undamaged, disconnect all the electrical devices and make sure the voltage of the product corresponds to the mains voltage.

How and where should I install an H2SHOW - LED LIGHT?

After positioning the suction cup, place the product in the desired position (the module can be position on the bottom, the back or the side walls of the aquarium).

How can I fix the cable tidily?

To fix the electrical cable to the walls of the aquarium, use the small multi-purpose suction cup provided with the product, and connect it to the mains.

What precautions do I need to take when using the product?

Before carrying out any maintenance on the aquarium, disconnect the power supply from all the electrical devices under water.Check that the various components, the transformer and the cable are not damaged in any way.Keep the product out of children's reach.