How should I install my THEO HEATER - AQUARIUM HEATER?

Apply the supporting suction cups to the heater and place the product thus assembled inside the aquarium in an area with a good recirculation flow, so as to guarantee maximum efficiency, an even distribution of heat and greater accuracy.

How far should I submerge the THEO HEATER - AQUARIUM HEATER?

You can position the heater anywhere you like - just make sure the product is fully submerged or that the water level is above the point labelled “WATER LEVEL - TAUCHTIEFE - NIVEAU D’EAU - LIVELLO DELL’ACQUA”, visible just below the head of the heater.

Does the THEO HEATER- AQUARIUM HEATER stay on all the time, or does it switch off automatically?

The heater has a light that comes on only when the water temperature is below the desired level and the heater comes on. As soon as the water reaches the set temperature, the heater maintains that temperature automatically, and the light goes off.

What precautions do I need to take?

Before carrying out any maintenance, or before putting your hands into the aquarium, remove the power supply from all the electrical devices under water.
Check that the various components, such as the glass test tube, cable and plug, are not damaged. If they are damaged in any way, do not connect them to the electricity network.
Check that the voltage indicated on the label of the device corresponds to the mains voltage.
Do not plug in the device until it is under water.

If the water is still much colder than the desired temperature after the heater has been installed for 24 hours or more, what can I do?

Check that you have set the temperature correctly.
Check that the device is plugged in and that the electricity is working.
Check that the heater is submerged below the line indicated with the words WATER LEVEL - TAUCHTIEFE - NIVEAU D’EAU - LIVELLO DELL’ACQUA.
Check that there is good water recirculation in the area the heater is placed in (if necessary point the jet of the pump towards it).
Check that the difference between the temperature set and the  temperature of the room the aquarium is located in is within the limits indicated in the table in the instructions.
Check that the capacity of the tank is within the limits indicated on the label on the heater.
Check there is no limescale or foreign bodies on the glass. If this is the case, pull out the plug and remove the limescale from the heater.
Check the quality and precision of the thermometer: some thermometers on the market do not give very accurate temperature readings.