Innovative pumps for aquariology and industry

Compact and reliable, with superb performance and design

Since 1984, Hydor has been developing and manufacturing highly reliable synchronous motors for pumps and filters, used for the circulation and movement of water in the fields of both aquariology and industry. A prime example are the Pico pumps, patented miniature unidirectional centrifugal pumps known on the market for their small size and matchless performance. The unidirectional system allows for a flow of up to 40% higher than its competitors on the market of comparable size and power. The patented Magnetic Suction Cup is just one of a long line of intuitive, innovative ideas for supporting aquarium pumps and accessories.

The suction cup, which has traditionally provided excellent support for pumps and filters, has now been combined (a world first) with a pair of Neodymium - Iron - Boron magnets, one positioned on the inner suction cup and the other on the suction cup on the outside of the aquarium. These two principles combine to offer a unique, definitive solution, since the pull of the magnets keeps the suction cup firmly in place, making this system ideal for any application on the aquarium wall.