Air-water mixing with Ario technology

Tiny bubbles allow for excellent aeration and flotation (skimmer) systems, using compact-sized devices.

The aerator, or air pump, has been extremely widespread on the world aquariology market for over 50 years.

However, the products on the market rapidly become noisy, as a result of the vibrations produced, and are insufficiently reliable because of the porous stones used, which function correctly for a limited time only. Hydor has therefore developed a synchronous centrifugal pump, equipped with a special anti-noise chamber.

It uses the depression caused by the 24 blades of the impeller, at the centre of which are a series of small holes that act as micro-Venturi tubes, regulating the size of bubbles measuring 0.5-1.0 mm in diameter.

Thanks to this (patented) technological discovery, Hydor has been able to develop products that are not only silent and efficient, but also strikingly decorative. Ario technology is applied to the compact, low-consumption Bubble Maker aerators, which produce micro bubbles able to guarantee perfect aeration of the water.

The Bubble Makers can be used together with semi-transparent decorative elements and submersible coloured LED lights for a winning combination.

The new-generation compact skimmers use Ario technology to eliminate undesired protein residue in the marine aquarium by means of flotation.

Hydor's Slim-skim and Slim-skim Nano are efficient, compact foaming systems that drastically cut energy consumption.

Controlling bubble size ensures excellent flotation, a phenomenon that only partially depends on the recirculation flow.