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Third Generation

Koralia 3G is the new innovative and unique range of circulation and wave pumps, designed especially to work in reef aquariums. Higher performances, lower energy consumption and quick and easy maintenance are the main features of the Koralia 3G series. The new exclusive Hydor design and technology guarantees a smooth start, continuous and powerful water flow, and can be further managed using the three special attachments and Dual Magnet Support System (DMSS).

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The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating technology system patented by Hydor guarantees the Self-Limiting Factor, for safe control of the temperature given off by the heating element. If a heating element is taken out of the aquarium in a dangerous way, or if there is an anomaly in the functioning of the element, the PTC film contained in the heater automatically goes into self-protection mode, ensuring the heating system is 100% safe.

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Energy-saving compact pump, ideal for recreating the natural movements of river and sea water. Equipped with magnetic suction cups, it can be linked to a timer, with intervals set in seconds, minutes or hours.

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